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Elizabeth Rivera

Elizabeth Rivera is a professional custom wall mural artist from Cali, Colombia. With over 25 year of experience, her passion of painting has no limits. She specializes in kids and entertainment rooms, home theaters, Venetians, stucco, faux finishes, art ceiling, sculpture paints, among others…
She has completed works in luxury rental resorts, private residences, art studios, restaurants, office spaces, schools, and other business locations.

Among her most important achievements and distinctions are having been a Venetian stucco instructor for the decoration firm Ospina Monroy in her native city of Cali, Colombia. Shortly after, she completed the advanced professional master class course with Nova Color, one of the most outstanding firms of decoration in Italy. Her most distinctive work was having the opportunity to decorate part of the residence of one of the anchors of Univision Network. Her most recent recognition was granted by Disney World; in addition, the newspaper La Prensa named her as Talent Woman of the Year for her achievements and professional performance here in Central Florida.