Eli Paint Design

Elizabeth Rivera is a professional custom wall mural artist from Cali, Colombia. With over 25 year of experience, her passion of painting has no limits. She specializes in kids and entertainment rooms, home theaters, Venetians, stucco, faux finishes, art ceiling, sculpture paints, among others…
She has completed works in luxury rental resorts, private residences, art studios, restaurants, office spaces, schools, and other business locations.

Why work with us?

We will provide a free no obligation consultation in which we come meet with you to take a look at your room or space and go over your theme ideas. We will provide a price quote that will fit your budget.

We take pleasure in bringing your home to life.

We craft high-quality custom murals of any size and in any location.

We are fully licensed and insured.

Expect excellent service. Our goal is to bring your home or business into the spotlight and ensure you are fully satisfied.

Our murals can have many different themes. They can express an emotion or symbolism, logo or slogan, or they can simply provide an attractive atmosphere.

Rental homes provide a perfect canvas to create a particular artwork that home owners and their guests will never forget.

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